I am Lev, I am passionate about lingerie, fashion, culture, ethics, and inclusivity and this blog is where I weave these interests together.

I write in both French (my mother tongue) and English, with a focus on full bust and ethical/sustainable lingerie. I nonetheless cover all kinds of brands to meet the needs of my diverse readership. I am a firm believer that lingerie can be a tool for self-exploration, expression and empowerment for everyone, regardless of their size, their gender, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their health status or their age. I aim to reflect this in my work to the best of my ability.

My journey with lingerie started with navigating my limited options as a full busted teenager. I launched Place de la Dentelle in 2013 as a creative outlet and as a way to share my then new and growing knowledge on bra fitting. From personal experience, I could relate to many of my followers’ frustrations with finding undergarments that make them feel good about themselves. I wanted to show them that finding and wearing beautiful lingerie was within their reach and that they had more options than they thought.

What started as a tumblr blog where I offered advice and showcased the brands I was becoming familiar with quickly grew into a multi-channel platform where I had to take on new roles. I stepped in front of the camera, learning a few things about modelling and photography in the process, collaborated with numerous brands, formed long-lasting friendships with inspiring individuals, taught myself social media and digital marketing and made my way into an exciting and challenging industry.

My aim as a blogger has remained the same. I want to bridge the gap between the industry and the consumers so lingerie shopping can be as exciting for everyone as it is for me. This means writing transparent and informative pieces for my readers, encouraging industry professionals to adopt a more inclusive approach, but also creating selections with unique themes and a vast array of brands, price points and size ranges.

8 years on, my tumblr is still going strong against all odds and I am more than ever determined to keep on offering creative, educational and thought-provoking content to the diverse community that supported me throughout my growth as a blogger and as a person.